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Foster Parent FAQs

Fosters reStore / Foster Parent FAQs

How Foster Children Shop For Free

My Foster Kids Foundation’s original mission is to provide foster children with free clothing and to ease the financial burden on foster parents.  When we first started the foundation, we never expected it to be what it is today, and it’s growing every single day.  Donations came in faster than we could give them out, so we had to figure out what to do with the remaining donations.  That’s when Fosters reStore was born. A retail division of My Foster Kids Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Fosters reStore is open to the general public.  Anyone can shop.  However, foster parents may shop for their foster children at no cost to them.  Below are the guidelines for the program.


State Licensing

Each foster parent must be a State registered foster parent.  The state does not matter.  We will accept any of the 50 states as long as you present that state’s license.  You also must produce a placement letter for each child that you are shopping for.  The foster parent(s) listed on the placement letter must match the name on the  foster parent’s drivers license or state issued ID and the state foster care license.  If you are not a foster parent but have kinship, your state ID must match the court paperwork.

We are unable to accept any other forms of ID.  Should you have a question, please contact the store prior to arriving to ensure a smooth shopping experience.


Who’s Eligible?

All foster children regardless of state of residence are eligible for our program.  You may receive no-cost clothing for only the foster children in your immediate care and reside at your residence.  Each child must have a placement letter issued by the state you reside in.  Only the foster parents may shop for the children.  Biological parents can not shop for the foster children.


How Much Clothing Can We Get?

Going into effect on 11/01/2018 due to budgetary constraints, each foster child is eligible for up to $30 per month in clothing, up to $60 per month per household.  Foster parents can earn more for their foster kids by volunteering at our stores.  You can earn $10 in foster credit for each hour volunteered, up to $100 maximum credit per household per month.  To setup volunteer hours, please contact us at info@myfosterkids.org.

My Foster Kids Foundation’s main mission is to provide clothing for foster children.  The profits from the retail store will provide educational assistance and scholarships to foster children, and provide operating expenses for our store locations.  Foster children do not have to live in the local area to take advantage of our programs.

Where Can We Shop?

Effective 10/17/2018, foster parents can redeem the foster credits only at our Racine, WI location.  Racine has a much larger selection of clothing and has the capability to restock right away.  Kenosha has limited resources so we ask that you shop only at the Racine location when using your foster child credit.


How Do We Register?

Currently, just come to either Fosters reStore locations, Kenosha at 7865 Green Bay Road, or Racine at 2000 Lathrop Ave., with the proper paperwork, and we will get you signed up.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for supporting our mission and the foster children.  Many ask us daily how they can help.  You can now help by shopping at our store or donation clothing, or simply a monetary donation.  We also need leaders to head up clothing drives.  If you have an organization that would like to do a clothing drive, please contact Matt Nedweski, Community Outreach Coordinator, at matt@myfosterkids.org.