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General Questions

What is My Foster Kids Foundation, Inc.?

My Foster Kids Foundation Inc. is dedicated to helping foster parents and foster children transition into a traditional family setting. Children are often removed from unstable environments with little notice and with very few belongings. Foster parents are often asked to take in children with little notice and little time to prepare for the child; the child’s age, gender and special needs are factors which effect preparedness on the part of the foster family.

What does My Foster Kids Foundation Inc. do?

The transition into a foster family can be difficult and many needs are often overlooked as the child’s safety and well-being are the initial priority. Once life starts back up, foster families find themselves struggling to fund the ongoing care and meet those unexpected needs. My Foster Kids Foundation Inc. is dedicated to making the child’s journey into the foster care system as seamless as possible by providing foster family’s with those comfort things and necessities that are often second thoughts. Donations from our partners provide foster families with the ongoing support that they need while providing the children a second chance at happiness in a transitional space.

What is the goal of My Foster Kids Foundation, Inc.?

The goal of My Foster Kids Foundation Inc. is to make a difference in every child’s life that is in the foster care system; to help dedicated, loving foster families with necessities that are often overlooked; and to preserve the well-being of vulnerable children in all communities by ensuring dignity in the process.

The proceeds from Fosters reStore and your donations will help advocate on behalf of the children and foster parents.

How can your organization contribute to My Foster Kids Foundation Inc.?

Your organization can volunteer or start a fundraiser for items that are needed or financial contributions.  Please contact Chris Fricke at to get setup.

Spread awareness about volunteering

You can donate during our scheduled donation drop-off hours listed here. We would love to take everything, but please visit our Donate page to find out what we can and cannot take.

If you have an organization that would like to do a clothing drive or fundraiser, please contact David Fricke at and we can tailor a program to fit your specific needs.

What is Fosters reStore?

Fosters reStore is the retail division of My Foster Kids Foundation, Inc.  This is the store where we take all your donations and put them on display for sale.  The store is open to the general public to shop, and all profits benefit educational programs and scholarships for foster children.

The best part about Fosters reStore is the foster children get a monthly credit to shop at the store!  We do deliver emergency placement clothing and needed items, but there’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on these kids faces as they get to shop for themselves.  We’re empowering these kids in a time of their life where they have no control.

How do I donate?

You can donate physical items during our posted donation hours. These can be found on our Donate page along with what we do and do not accept.

Pop-Up Rummage Sales

Keep an eye out for Fosters Pop-Up-Stores, coming to a neighborhood near you!  This is a great way to raise money for your own organization.  You can host your own sale!  And the best part is, we do all the work.

If you would like to host a sale and raise money for your organization, please contact Chris Fricke at (262)620-2351 or

Call with questions

If you have any questions about My Foster Kids Foundation or Fosters reStore, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how you can help.

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