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COVID-19 Opening Updates

Fosters reStore / COVID-19 Opening Updates

COVID-19 Updates

As of 5/27 we are back to 7 days a week. Please notice the hours differ from pre-pandemic hours. 
Our hours will be as follows until further notice –
Sunday 11-5
Monday 10-6
Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6
5/9 – Please consider a food donation to our new food bank. There are people out there going hungry due to lack of unemployment benefits or store closings. Food donations can be brought in the front door and handed to the cashier. If you have more than a few bags, let us know and we will direct you to our south drop-off door.
New DONATION DROP-OFF HOURS as of 5/8/2020
Donations are now accepted during normal business hours up to 2 hours prior to closing. Please make sure all donations are in bags or boxes. Please do not donate loose items. All donations are stored for 3 days prior to being sorted or becoming for sale. Please have all clothing in kitchen sized garbage bags. Please do not use lawn-leaf bags as these become too heavy for our staff. Please make sure clothing is clean and does not smell moldy or like smoke. Make sure all toys are complete, and all home decor is in sellable condition and electronics in working order. No tube TV’s. 
Please do not be offended if we refuse an item. And no, we cannot just throw it in our dumpster. We pay for garbage removal and thus are paying to remove your garbage. That’s not our business model.  So, please be considerate and make sure your donations will be welcomed by someone new. 
Please read this entire post for important information you will need to shop.
We have always been an essential business, but due to road construction issues and lack of business, we decided to close. The road construction is wrapping up and things are about to get back to normal, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
👉 FOSTER PARENTS: Our main mission is to provide foster parents with no-cost clothing for foster kids. We understand you haven’t been able to shop for a month now and you may have new kids and those in your care may need new clothing. We service over 500 foster families and we cannot service everyone should you all show up in the first few days. This is why we will be scheduling your foster credit shopping so you’re spread out and don’t overwhelm our cashiers. Please visit to register. Use the email you signed up with and you will see a scheduling option in the My Account section once logged in.
👉 DONATIONS: We will accept donations only during posted hours listed above and on our Donate page. Please go to the south side of the building and follow the signs. We predict that we will be pretty busy, so if no one is available to assist you, please place your donations in the designated area. Please visit our Donate page for what we do and do not accept.  Please do not leave things after hours.
👉 VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to volunteer your time to sort donations, please message us here. We will have a form on our website in the upcoming days for you to register.
👉 MATTRESS STORE: Preferred Mattress will also be open for these same hours. Our same staff is covering this store as well, so feel free to browse around and someone will be with you shortly.
We want to make our reopening a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone. We have a sanitizing schedule in place and wipes at the entrance for the carts. We sanitize all the carts every hour and constantly clean changing rooms and any common areas. We care about our customer’s safety! If you have a mask, we ask you wear it.
If you can’t leave the house for health reasons, please visit our online store at We know it’s limited, but we’re adding products daily. AND, we have curbside pickup now and local delivery coming. We will be posting Mystery Boxes which will be filled with sizes of clothing that you request at deep discounts!! Watch the online store for more details on these in the upcoming days.
Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in the store again. Even if it’s with a mask and it looks like you’re going to rob us. ❤️😁